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[ ENTER A PANT LIKE NO OTHER ]B A M P A N T S Introducing a pair of pants that will change everything.A super high waisted metallic pleated pants with a self-lined belt.With a mind of their own they will warp around your legs creating an innovative look like no other.

The Pants are designed to be held up purely by the belt and folded constructively around your waist for maximum BOOM AKA BAM.

[PLEASE ALLOW 7-14 working days for Bam Pants production]

Available in 2 sizes S/M - UK 6 - 10M/L - UK 10-14

Super stretchy single leg width is starting at 33cms and available only in one length (inside seam is 72 cms) which is designed to be cropped at the ankle.

PLEASE NOTE: An additional +5 cms can be added to the length so please add to notes when purchasing if you require the longer length.If you have any questions please just get in touch -


  • Unfortunately Heyami can not offer returns on this item due it being made to order, but if you do feel dissatisfied with your product, then please contact us within 24hrs of receiving it and we will make sure we fix the problem.

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